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Why I am not Charlie

9 Jan

a paper bird

imagesThere is no “but” about what happened at Charlie Hebdo yesterday. Some people published some cartoons, and some other people killed them for it.  Words and pictures can be beautiful or vile, pleasing or enraging, inspiring or offensive; but they exist on a different plane from physical violence, whether you want to call that plane spirit or imagination or culture, and to meet them with violence is an offense against the spirit and imagination and culture that distinguish humans. Nothing mitigates this monstrosity. There will be time to analyze why the killers did it, time to parse their backgrounds, their ideologies, their beliefs, time for sociologists and psychologists to add to understanding. There will be explanations, and the explanations will be important, but explanations aren’t the same as excuses. Words don’t kill, they must not be met by killing, and they will not make the killers’ culpability go away.

To abhor what was done to the victims, though, is not…

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INA 212 (a) (3) (B) (i) (ii) aka I’m a terrorist?

8 Jan


So as people know I was stopped from boarding a plane on my way home from Dublin by homeland security, detained, questioned, questioned again, and then when they got bored of that they questioned me again. People know the reason I went to Ireland was to find out the truth by interviewing people and gathering information for my blog, radio show etc as well as attend the Ar Fhies of the 32CSM as an international guest. What people don’t know is that the grounds on which homeland security did this was INA 212 (a) (3) (B) (i) (ii).

For those of you who do not know what this is, I will quote the section of law that this falls under and I quote “a consular officer, the Attorney General, or the Secretary of Homeland Security knows, or has reasonable ground to believe, is engaged in or is likely to engage…

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