The Landlord

24 Apr

Yeah, i can’t stand landlords either. If the Establishment are the slave masters, the landlords, and other middle class wannabes, are the Uncle Toms. A couple of those types were just on bbc 5Live, extolling the importance of voting. Voting is important for the politicians, and their masters, but for the workers, it matters not. They will try to shaft us one way, or another.

Belfast Marxist

From the absentee landlords of ‘An Gorta Mor’ to the modern day ‘entrepreneurs’, landlords have forever been the bane of Irish society.

The word ‘Landlord’ where I come from is a dirty word – in the circle’s I frequent, it’s up there with ‘tout’ and ‘drug-dealer’. Opinions vary of course on which is the dirtier.

And what is a landlord? Well a landlord is someone that, in the pursuit of profit, views a home (yours or mine) as a commodity – it is no longer a ‘home’ to them but instead has now become a ‘house’ – and there’s a crucial difference in the definition. But as a commodity, they view it as something which is to be bought and sold or rented as part of the free market.

One only needs to take a quick dander around Belfast, or any housing estate in Ireland or beyond, to see the…

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