The Connolly Column

18 Jul


Rebel City Writers


The following piece was gratefully submitted by one of our readers and is a brief overview of the legendary Connolly Column of the International Brigades that fought to defend the Spanish Republic during Franco’s counter-revolution

I recently finished reading the book “Connolly Column” by Michael O’Riordain (a Corkman from Pope’s Quay and former General Secretary of the Communist Party of Ireland). The book tells the story of the brave Irishmen who went to Spain to fight against Franco’s fascists. The men faced dreadful conditions, were equipped with poor quality weapons and were faced with a vastly more technically superior Nationalist opponent. Up to 35 of their number died. What they did have however was an unshakeable comraderie and belief in their cause.

spainn Irish unit in Spain. Michael O’Riordan is in front row, third from the right

In the 1930s, the Catholic Church was at the height of its power and influence in…

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