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Operation Mizen, The Irish Stasi And The Risen People

28 Aug

The Irish Republic

I remember well, others will too, that 30 years ago our political class – politicians, media owners and operatives, professionals, the wealthy, the clergy, senior civil servants and senior army and police officers, etc., would regularly point to the East German Stasi state security service, and proudly remind us minnions how lucky we were to live in a democracy and not under an atheistic communistic dictatorship.

‘Operation Mizen’, the organised surveillance of anti-water-charge activists by the state police is straight out of the Stasi handbook. The Stasi handbook is remarkably similar to the Fascist handbook when it comes to state ‘security’. State ‘security’ in either handbook does not mean the security of the people. It means the security of those people who form the political class and the suppression, vilification and, where expedient, the incarceration of those who challenge political class authority.

Irish anti-water-charge activists do just that, not just…

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McGuigan Killing: Here We Go Again, Cowardly Cops, Lying Provos And A ‘Helpful’ Media

13 Aug

The Broken Elbow

“Unhelpful”. That’s the buzz word today in the wake of last nights “ruthless and premeditated” murder of Kevin McGuigan in the East Belfast enclave of Short Strand.

The words “ruthless and premeditated” are not mine but those of PSNI investigating officer DCI John McVea. That’s rather like saying World War II was long and bloody. Pretty obvious to even the most dim-witted.

That’s really all that Mr McVea had to say about the killing except he went on to warn the media that it would be “reckless and dangerous” to speculate about IRA involvement in the McGuigan killing.

Why reckless and dangerous? The dogs in the streets of Belfast know full well who killed Kevin McGuigan. Aren’t they allowed to talk about it? After all they’ve been here before. There are no surprises in Belfast.

In the winter of 1995 and early 1996 four young men were gunned to…

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Oxitec plans to release Genetically Modified Olive Flies in Catalonia

5 Aug

The Free

Plans to release genetically modified fly in Cataloniastop gmo flies
Up to 1,825,000 flies with their DNA mixed with marine organisms, bacteria, viruses and other insects could be released near Tarragona.  en español abajo

This week we have known the plans of the British company Oxitec to release to the environment  genetically modified olive flies in Catalonia. It is a manipulation that makes female larvae die within the olive. The intention of the company is to release transgenic flies up to 5,000 per week in Spain for one year (1,825,000 in total) near the city of Tarragona.

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Anarchists are trolling the police with posters on London’s bus stops

4 Aug

2 new Anarchist Social Centres Occupied: Rubí and Transformadors

4 Aug

The Free

Confront Capitalist Chaos with Anarchist OrderConfront Capitalist Chaos with Anarchist Order

In parts of Spain it’s a good moment for social occupations . In Barcelona, Madrid and other cities local council elections have suddenly swept street revolutionaries into power, with a mandate to slow down mass evictions by the predator banks, etc.

Strange things can happen. For example in her 1st days in power Barcelona’s mayoress Ada Colau turned up at a family eviction herself and just ordered the riot police to go home.  We translate here the  press release of a more traditional anarchist  takeover in a traditionally communist workers town of 70,000 in Catalonia……

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