The PSNI and Their Collaborators

11 Oct

Belfast Marxist

From one keyboard warrior to another. I write this post in response to a debate with Twitters @TraGearrFear and Sinn Fein’s Keith Haughian. 140 characters on Twitter is too little room for proper discussion and debate.

Tra Gearr began by stating that our new writer, Seanchaí, post is without substance. Seanchaís point is based upon his own opinion, that the PSNI is cut from the same cloth as the RUC and that both are the same despite a change in uniform and a change in name. Despite being based upon experience and opinion I share the same view as Seanchaí. Tra Gearr and Keith Haughians agenda is basically to defend their failed strategy of trying to reform an irreformable foreign body or ‘put manners into the PSNI’.

Seanchaí also points out the PSNI have a Gaelic football team, which they do, that they harass republicans and carry out stop and…

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