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15 Jan


In the last two years our readers in Derry will have been all too aware of the debate about the provision of detoxification services in the City.  Today, BtP can reveal who or what organisations supported a Derry detox centre when the official consultation was released in 2013.  The results may surprise you.

The Health and Social Care Board issued a consultation in September 2013 about the configuration of in-patient (or Tier 4) addiction treatment services.  At the time, there were a total of 42 beds available to cater for both in-patient addiction services, and rehabilitation.

Antrim housed a 7-day 10 bed service for detox and stabilization

Downpatrick housed a 7-day 14 bed service for detox/stabilisation and rehabilitation

Armagh had a 5-day service with 10 beds for detox/stabilisation

and Omagh had 5 beds for rehabilitation on a 5-day basis

The Board had proposed as part of its plan for the…

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12 Jan

Republican SINN FÉIN Poblachtach

Preas Raitheas / Press Release


In a statement issued on January 11, 2016 the RSF National Director of Publicity commented on the recent creation of a cross border Crime Task Force.

Republican Sinn Féin’s alternative, the Éire Nua Policy for a four Province Federal Democratic Socialist Republic would see both Partitionist Assemblies replaced with four Provincial Parliaments and a new National Parliament based in Athlone. The Éire Nua proposals provide the framework for a new beginning for all the Irish people free from the consistent failures of British rule.

In the statement Seán Ó Dubhláin had the following to say;

“The new cross border ‘Crime Task Force’ established recently by the Stormont, Westminster, Leinster House axis is yet another example of the failed path taken by Provisional Sinn Féin as they become ever more embedded within the British constitutional system.

This however should come as no surprise, but it should serve…

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The deliberate disaster that is RTE’s ‘Rebellion’

11 Jan

Source: The deliberate disaster that is RTE’s ‘Rebellion’

The Fresh Start Deal – North’s Sectarian Parties Embrace Neo-Liberal Austerity

10 Jan

Source: The Fresh Start Deal – North’s Sectarian Parties Embrace Neo-Liberal Austerity

Growing Your Own Cannabis is Therapeutic in Itself

6 Jan


When it comes to the treatment of a multitude of different medical illnesses cannabis is making waves throughout the medical community. Marijuana is proven to help control many symptoms that are associated with diseases of all types. From cancers and epilepsy to PTSD and autism marijuana is showing great success in treating and helping individuals to manage their symptoms. Cannabis oil along with whole plant therapy are proving to work wonders in many ways.

Vermont Bud

Cannabis is giving young children the ability to walk, talk, breathe, and live a normal life for the first time as well as giving parents the joy and relief of not watching their child suffer on a daily basis. That alone is priceless if you have ever been in those parent’s shoes. With PTSD, it is helping our soldiers as well as other individuals who live with this disorder on a daily basis. Cannabis helps to…

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