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What is Sinn Fein’s position on Infrastrata Woodburn drill ?

17 May

The Gas Man Cometh !

Sinn Fein have been very quiet on Infrastrata’s project in Woodburn Forest ? I think questions need to be asked about why ?

I was present at the Sinn Fein conference in the Lough Erne hotel when via videolink Dr Tony Ingraffea expressed disbelief that an oil and gas drilling project was to proceed within 400M of a reservoir that supplies 130K people with drinking water.  An important point also made was that we are now into riskier drilling. All the easy to get oil and gas is gone, any project that is proposed now is by nature riskier – whether that be into shales, coal or tight sandstone.  These wells and well sites have a poorer record.

Sinn Fein refused to support the petition of referral of the Minister’s decision to grant a new 5 year term to the drilling company Infrastrata.  I wrote to some of the…

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Teresa Villiers Accidentally Shot in Muff

11 May

The British Secretary of State for Northern Ireland has been shot in Muff today, in what has been described as a ‘bizarre turn of events’.

She had gone out sqirrel hunting with her close friend and confidant Marty McGuinness, and a local man Barry McSpiggot. Barry said, ‘ I had the wee red critter in my sights, when it ran up Teresa’s leg, and i couldn’t control the old itchy trigger finger, and i let him have it. Unfortunately, poor Teresa took a bit of buckshot in her Lady Garden. The doctors at Letterkenny General have said they should be able to retrieve it with a set of tweezers and a magnet.’

McGuinness is said to have fainted, as the former butcher is reportedly very squeamish.

The local Gardai are investigating as red sqirrel are a protected species in Ireland. Their spokesman Hugh O’ Donohue said, ‘ We can’t have people running about Muff shooting willy nilly. That is a recipe for anarchy, and we won’t be having any of that in Muff; not on my watch’.

Arrest of Maire Harrington endemic of State Corruption

7 May

Republican SINN FÉIN Poblachtach


Preas Ráitheas / Press Release

In a statement issued on May 6, 2016 Sinn Féin Poblachtach National PRO Seán Ó Dubhláin condemned the arrest and imprisonment of Maire Harrington, the ‘Shell to Sea’ activist who for years has campaigned against the theft and destruction of Irish resources.  She is expected to spend at least 10 days in Mountjoy Prison for non payment of a fine.

“This arrest is endemic of wider state corruption across the 26 Counties.  Rather than listen to the concerns of a well respected community activist the political police of the Free State instead attack and oppress them communities.  Maire has been to the forefront for many years in the fight against Shell and the laying of the gas pipeline in Corrib, Mayo.

“This is not the first time Maire has been imprisoned for her beliefs.  She is a political prisoner, we call for her immediate release and an end to the…

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