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The new scandal that could end Blair’s comeback before it begins

28 Nov


sasThis article was published on this blog a week ago under a different title. It has now been covered byThe Canarywith the title “The fresh scandal that could end Tony Blair’s political comeback before it begins” – so a repost under the new title seems appropriate. Please share, so the word spreads and this is picked up by the mainstream as it should be.

The information – from a source whose bona fides are beyond question – was immediately attacked by an employee of Blairite PR firm Portland Communications, which if anything enhances its credibility:


Over recent weeks, the SKWAWKBOX has been privileged to provide explosive eyewitness testimony showing the involvement of military personnel impersonating police officers against striking miners at The Battle of Orgreave in 1984.

As a result of that series of articles, this writer was contacted by a former army officer (bona fides established) –…

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